LAP Technologies

Competent Computer Consulting

LAP Technologies is a computer consulting company with experience in every part of the process, from helping small companies and individuals spec out their computer needs to writing custom software for macOS, iOS, and web servers, and hosting that software in a reliable and redundant environment.

All of us are based right here in the San Francisco Bay area, and we don't outsource our work, because we know that our reputations are built on the quality of that work, and we'd rather be in control of that ourselves.

Experience, Quality, Maintainability

Unlike a lot of consultancies, we believe that there can be too much repeat business. Specifically, if your computers, software, or web site requires constant maintenance or bug fixes, we'd say that's because it wasn't done right in the first place.

We are always happy to provide upgrades and new features, and we know that at least a few bugs and issues will always creep in. But we still consider those to be a failure of planning and implementation. We do our best to minimize them, and we always learn from the ones that do occur. Our up-front costs may be higher than those who employ (and then do not properly supervise) subcontractors from low-cost regions, but our maintenance costs are much lower, and the costs measured in your time and trouble from ongoing issues will more than pay for the difference.

Clients Include:

  • San Francisco Pup Scouts
  • Save the California Sea Otter
  • The Dogs of San Francisco
  • Bicycle Irish
  • The Jammy Dodgers